How Many Grapes Can a Dog Eat?

How many grapes can a dog eat

How many grapes can a dog eat? The short answer is none, dogs can’t eat grapes. In this article, I will tell you why.

Why can’t dogs eat grapes?

Every year, from October to December, a large number of dogs die or become very ill from eating grapes. Grapes contain a substance called Leukocterin that causes the animal’s red blood cells to break down and lead to kidney failure.
This is a public health concern because it is estimated that there are around 70 million pet dogs in the United States and around 4-6% of all grape-related cases involve the death of a dog per year.

What are the dangers of eating grapes?

Dogs are prone to getting sick when they eat grapes. The acid in the fruit can cause gastric distress, diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney failure in dogs. Grapes also contain a type of toxin called cyanide which is found in the pits that could be ingested when eating the fruit. Dogs are more susceptible to these dangers than humans because they have a shorter intestinal tract that is unable to filter out toxins.


Certain foods are toxic for dogs, including grapes. If your dog ate any grapes, there are some symptoms to watch for. The ingestion of grape seeds can lead to difficulty breathing, seizures, paralysis, or death. Other symptoms of grape toxicity are lethargy, depression, vomiting, hyperactivity, diarrhea, and an increased heart rate.

What to do if you think your dog has eaten too many grapes?

It can be difficult to know what to do when you come home and notice that your dog has eaten a large number of grapes and may be suffering from the consequences. However, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure they become okay again. If you notice your dog is having trouble breathing or has diarrhea, it might be a good idea to call your veterinarian.


In conclusion, it is not a good idea for your dog to eat grapes as it can cause some serious health problems for them. Grapes can cause kidney damage, stomach pain, and even death in dogs.
Make sure your dog stays away from grapes to make sure they stay healthy.

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