How To Care For An Iguana

Guide on how to care for an iguana

So you just got an iguana and now you are wondering how to care for it. In this short guide, I will give you some tips and how to care for an iguana.

Why your iguana is a good pet

An iguana is a good pet for anyone who is willing to care for it. They’re not as troublesome as other pets and they don’t require as much attention either. You can go on vacation and your iguana will be fine, but you might want to make sure they have food and water available on a daily basis. Iguanas won’t cause drama like dogs and cats do, but they will occasionally try to escape their enclosure if given the chance.

The habitat and accessories

Every iguana has specific care needs, but there are some common factors to keep in mind when creating an environment for them.
Iguanas require a temperature range of seventy-five to ninety degrees Fahrenheit with minimal fluctuation. They also need access to UV light, so fluorescent bulbs should be used in their shelter.
They eat mostly plants, so it is important that they have fresh greens daily and freshwater.

What to feed your iguana

Most people have a hard time answering the question “What to feed my iguana?” because they do not have enough information about these creatures. They are herbivores, so you should feed them lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens. You should also provide your iguana with fruits every now and then to enjoy. One should never feed their iguana meat as this will cause major health problems.

How often should you feed your iguana?

As pet owners, it is important to feed our pets the correct amount of food in order for them to maintain an appropriate weight. Feeding your iguana too often will lead to health problems like obesity, and feeding your iguana too little can result in muscle loss and other serious conditions.  It is recommended that you feed your iguana every day or every other day with approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 45 ml) of fruit, vegetables, and/or insects per feeding.


Iguanas make wonderful pets and can be very rewarding for those who are willing to do the work. However, if you’re not ready to care for an iguana properly, it’s best to wait until you find a well-researched pet that will fit your lifestyle before getting one.

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