How To Make Your Cat And Dog Get Along

Are you struggling to get your cat to like your new dog? In this article, I will give you the best tips on how to achieve your goal as fast as possible.

The scent trick

Animals, such as cats and dogs, utilize both sight and scent to determine their environment. In order for your cat and dog to get along, they must first learn to recognize and tolerate each other’s odors.

To help them become acclimated to one other’s odors, there are a few ways. It is possible to change their bedding, or to just rub a towel over your cat and set it next to your dog. These tactics should help your cat and dog get acquainted to one other’s scent quickly.

Obedience training

Unfortunately, dogs are often at blame when disputes arise amongst cats. In part, this is due to the fact that dogs have a greater prey drive. They are naturally drawn to tiny and cuddly creatures, like as rabbits and kittens, and will pursue them. As a result, cats are wary of dogs. In order to stop this undesirable behavior, it is possible to train the dog. Cat chasing is a bad habit that your dog must be trained to avoid.

Basic instructions such as’sit, stay, and down, should be taught to your dog. Your dog’s interaction with your new cat will be easier to control if you know these commands. In addition, obedience training strengthens your relationship with your dog and fosters a mutual respect and trust.


Desensitization is the process of gradually decreasing your dog’s aversion to your cat by repeatedly exposing him to it. As soon as they catch their first glimpse of a cat, many dogs become too ecstatic. Your cat may become frightened by their overreaction, making it difficult for your cat and dog to get along. Desensitization can be achieved by the use of a baby gate.

Using a baby gate, you can keep your dog and cat apart while still allowing them to see and smell each other. Divert your dog’s attention away from the cat if you see it becoming overly focused on it. Your dog will ultimately lose interest in the cat and will probably not overreact when it sees the cat, since it has become accustomed to its presence through desensitization.

The Food Distraction

Feeding them on opposite sides of a door or baby gate will help teach your dog and cat to get along. It may be simpler to overlook the new creature on the other side of the door if you provide both animals with food as a distraction. As a bonus, it’s possible that the dog and cat develop a bond through food. They may find it simpler to get along if they have this favorable link.


With this simple tricks, you should be able to achieve your goal.

Your cat and dog may be able to become pals within a few hours, if you’re lucky. But it’s not going to happen very often. There is a learning curve involved for both the cats and the dogs when interacting with one another. Your cat and dog will get along if you’re patient. It’s only a matter of time before this happens.

Don’t give up hope if you’ve done everything, and they still don’t tolerate each other. It’s time to enlist the aid of the experts. There are several professionals that can assist you in settling your dog and cat issues. It’s possible that your veterinarian can advise you or perhaps prescribe medicine to assist improve your pets’ behavior toward one other. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you are determined to help your pets to get along, but you are at a loss as to what else you can do.

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