Palmetto Corn Snake

The Palmetto corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus palmetto) is a small, slender species of colubrid snake found in the southeastern United States. This snake is a relatively new addition to the pet trade and is becoming increasingly popular among herpetoculturists. The Palmetto corn snake is a docile and easy-to-handle species that makes an ideal pet for both the beginner and experienced reptile lover.


Palmetto corn snakes start pinkish, with barely-visible spots as juveniles. Then, the skin begins to shed as they grow up, turning a bright white color with red and black spots.


Corn snakes are one of the most popular pet snakes. They are docile, easy to care for and come in various colors. The Palmetto corn snake is a subspecies of corn snake found in the southeastern United States.

Palmetto corn snakes are one of the calmest snake subspecies. They rarely bite and tend to be very tolerant of handling. As a result, they make good pets for both beginner and experienced snake owners.


The Palmetto Corn Snake is a nonvenomous snake endemic to the United States. The snake can be found in the southeastern states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. The snake typically inhabits palmetto thickets and other coastal habitats. 

The Palmetto Corn Snake is a constrictor and feeds on small mammals, such as rodents and birds. The snake is also known to consume lizards and amphibians

The Palmetto Corn Snake is oviparous and lays eggs in early summer. The eggs are typically deposited in a protected location, such as a hole or under a rock. 

Can you keep 2 corn snakes in the same tank?

Yes, you can keep 2 corn snakes in the same tank. Snakes are territorial animals and usually establish a dominance hierarchy within their enclosure. The dominant snake will be the one that eats more and has the best hiding spots. If there is more than one snake in the tank, ensure they have plenty of food and hiding places to avoid aggression.

Are corn snakes hard to take care of?

Corn snakes make great pets for people looking for a non-venomous snake to care for. They are hardy and easy to take care of. Corn snakes do well when they are kept at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they need a place to hide and should be fed mice or small rats two or three times a week.

What size tank does a corn snake need?

A corn snake needs a tank at least 20 gallons in size. Larger tanks are better, as they provide more space for the snake to move around and explore. It is essential to have a secure lid on the tank, as corn snakes are escape artists and can easily wriggle out of a flimsy cover. The tank should be filled with a substrate such as mulch or paper towels and include several branches or logs for the snake to climb on. A water dish and food dish should also be provided.

What do Palmetto corn snakes eat?

Corn snakes are carnivorous, and they primarily eat small rodents such as mice and rats. However, they will also eat other small animals, including lizards, frogs, and birds. Corn snakes in the wild may also feed on insects.


These snakes are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs. Females will lay eggs in late spring or early summer. The eggs will hatch about two months later, and the young snakes will be independent shortly after that. Palmetto corn snakes are sexually mature at about two years old.

Are Palmetto corn snakes rare?

Corn snakes (Pantherophis guttatus) are a common species of snake found in the eastern and central United States.

There are several subspecies of corn snake, including the Palmetto corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus palmetto). However, the Palmetto corn snake is a relatively rare subspecies, only found in a handful of states in the southeastern United States.

Palmetto corn snakes are shy and secretive animals and are not often seen by people. However, despite their rarity, there is no evidence that Palmetto corn snakes face any significant threats to their survival.

Palmetto corn snake price

The cost of this snake can vary depending on the snake’s age, color, and gender. However, corn snakes are among the most popular pet snakes due to their docile nature and relatively affordable price. The average cost for a Palmetto corn snake is around $500 to $1000.

How big does a Palmetto corn snake get?

Palmetto corn snakes grow to around 5 feet in length, but the average size is about 2 to 3 feet.


In conclusion, the Palmetto Corn Snake is a unique and exciting snake that makes a great pet. They are easy to care for and are not aggressive or venomous. They are a great addition to any snake collection.

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