Top 6 Best Small Pets For Kids To Own

Small Pets For Kids

The popularity of having a pet in the household has increased dramatically in recent years with many families wanting to make their home feel more like home. One option for this is to get a small pet that is easy to care for. Kids will enjoy caring for these pets and can have hours of fun being creative with their new friends.

There are many types of small pets for kids who want a pet to take care of, such as hamsters, turtles, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Pets can teach your child responsibility in caring for an animal that needs constant attention. You will need a house for your new pet here you can find a really good quality one.

Why give kids a pet

Many parents think that only children should not have pets, because they are too busy with school and extracurricular activities. But pets can help kids develop responsibility and caring skills. They can also teach children about responsibility and care for animals and help them develop empathy and compassion. Pets offer unconditional love and companionship during your child’s formative years, as well as a good friend to share good times with.

Guinea Pigs

Small Pets For Kids

As pets, guinea pigs are perfect for those who require a low-maintenance animal. Guinea pigs are social animals and can be tamed so they enjoy being handled, although this is not always the case. Their small size makes them easy to house in an indoor environment, and they don’t need much space. They do not require any special diet, just regular hay, and vegetables. The only cost associated with these adorable creatures is their food which averages $5 per week.


Hamsters are small rodents best known for their speed, agility, and affectionate personality. They are well-suited to be pets because they are so small in size, typically weighing between 40-50 grams. They are also incredibly easy to take care of despite their high energy levels. Hamsters are generally safe pets to have in an established household with adults or older children.


Rabbits are very popular pets for many reasons. They are adorable, require less care than other pets, and often come in a variety of breeds that may be more familiar to children. However, owners must be aware that these creatures require an owner with knowledge of their needs and can end up being incapable of caring for themselves if they do not receive the right care.


Gerbils are interesting, hardy animals that can make great pets for kids. They have a longer life span than other rodents and are inexpensive to purchase. They’re generally social animals but do not always enjoy being handled by children. Children should be taught how to handle the animal so as not to stress it out, or scare it away. Gerbils are very healthy animals so they can live in an apartment if they have a good cage with clean bedding.


No longer are dogs considered the only household pet. The growing popularity of hedgehogs as pets for children is evident in the number of websites dedicated to them. According to these sites, hedgehogs are safe low maintenance pets that can be kept in a child’s bedroom. They enjoy human contact and do not require much grooming, other than daily feeding and bedding changes. Hedgehogs can live up to five years without shedding or needing vaccinations.


Turtles are a type of animal that is perfect for younger children. A turtle is easily manageable and can live in an aquarium, which can be placed anywhere in the home. They require little to no care and they don’t produce any unpleasant odors. 

While some might see turtles as dull pets, others believe that they serve as a good introduction to the responsibility of caring for another living thing.


In conclusion, small pets for kids are a great way to teach kids responsibility. They can help with feeding and care, while also learning how to take care of something new and different while having fun. If you want more options I have the perfect article for you What Pet is Right For Me?

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