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Mites in Hamster 0

Mites in Hamster – How to Deal With Mites

Today’s topic: mites in hamster! Hamsters are susceptible to mites and their numbers can increase dramatically if not treated. In this article, I will try to cover all I can about the subject and...

Can Hamster Eat Grapes 0

Can Hamster Eat Grapes?

So, can hamster eat grapes? I’m glad you asked, keep reading! Are grapes good for hamsters? What about other types of fruits? Can hamsters eat them? Some people think that they can, while others...

hamster losing hair 0

Hamster Losing Hair

How to tell if your hamster losing hair You might notice if your hamster losing hair if it starts to look bald, or you might notice little tufts of hair on the cage floor....