The Wolf Cat Breed

Wolf cats look like werewolves and shed their coats for warmth. Because their coats are so patchy, they do not do well in harsh weather. Wolf cats are best kept inside, in an apartment or a two-story home. However, they can make excellent companions for active families. Here are some facts about the wolf cat breed. Also known as the Lykoi, this cat breed is one of the rarest cat breeds worldwide.

Lykoi is a mutation of a domestic shorthair

The Lykoi is a genetically altered domestic shorthair cat. Although its appearance resembles the popular werewolf concept, it lacks the hypoallergenic traits of domestic shorthair cats. The only distinguishing characteristic is its lack of hair, which makes it shed much more than other domestic shorthairs. However, the mutation is not necessarily harmful. Nevertheless, breeders should take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Lykoi.

Like other breeds of domestic shorthair cats, Lykois cats need regular grooming. They may shed their entire coats twice a year and grow them again. It is too early to determine a new breed’s genetic makeup. Cats should be checked for standard cat issues, such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis and heart problems. For this reason, Lykoi breeders recommend frequent grooming.

Lykoi is a genetic mutation that occurs randomly in feral populations. It was first discovered in 2010 when a litter of black domestic shorthair kittens was found in Tennessee. The two kittens were named Silver Lining and Ray of Hope. The owners of the litters, veterinarians Johnny Gobble and his wife Brittney Gobble, were surprised by the kittens’ unusual features.

It looks like a werewolf

What about the Lykoi cat that makes it look like a werewolf? The name is derived from the Greek word Lycos, which means “wolf.” Although they have some characteristics with canines, these cats have more in common with humans than you may think. This breed has pointed ears and patches of fur, making it look a bit like a werewolf. The Lykoi cat was developed in Tennessee by Patti Thomas.

The werewolf myth dates back to antiquity when the Vikings wore wolf skins to fight in battle because they believed they were fiercer than wolves. Medieval Europeans believed demonic entities caused their misadventures. The Universal film The Wolf Man popularized the idea of werewolves under a full moon. The new breed of cat closely resembles the legendary creature.

The Lykoi can cost from $1500 to $2500. They require special grooming and are often hard to find in shelters. However, if you do find a werewolf kitten, make sure to take it to a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will likely be interested in the strange-looking feline. Likewise, if you find a kitten in the street, take it to the vet and ask him about it. If you can’t find a home for it, you might want to consider fostering a kitten until a home is found.

It is one of the rarest cat breeds in the world

Lykoi is a rare cat breed with both fur and skin that resembles a werewolf. This breed is one of the rarest in the world, and there are only about 100 cats of this breed in existence. The Lykoi was first discovered in 2010 by a breeder in the United States, and it has since gained popularity among cat enthusiasts. This breed is known for its unique appearance and its friendly personality. This breed usually has a light and tan color with a long fur coat that is very fuzzy and soft. The Lykoi’s fur is also known to be very thick, which makes it appear shaggy. The Lykoi’s fur is longer than most other cats and resembles the hair of a werewolf. The Lykoi can also have more fur on its legs, chest, and belly than other cats. In addition, this breed has long ears similar to a wolf’s.

It is not hypoallergenic

The wolf cat breed is not hypoallergenic, but some of its traits make it an excellent choice for those allergic to cats. For example, the Lykoi cat sheds less than other cat breeds and is generally better for those who suffer from hay fever. This breed is not hypoallergenic, but they need a great deal of love and care. If you have mild allergies to cats, the Lykoi may be the best choice for you. However, if you are experiencing a severe reaction, it may be wiser to choose another breed.

The wolf cat breed is not hypoallergenic, but its coat is not too long, making it easier to keep clean. While wolf cats have fewer allergens than other breeds, they are still more expensive than other breeds. In addition, studies have shown that wolf cats are more likely to exhibit hypotrichosis and a reduced number of hair follicles. This means that existing hair follicles are less effective in supporting hair, and the remaining ones have a reduced hair-retention capacity. This makes the existing hair more susceptible to discoloration.

It is a furry toy

If you are considering getting a Lykoi, you should keep in mind that these cats are a unique breed. They have patchy fur and do not do well in extreme weather conditions. These cats are most happy in a small apartment or two-story house and make great pets for active families. But, you need to understand that they require much care and devotion.

The Lykoi is a relatively new breed. The name means wolf in Greek. This is because it was created by crossing two felines that resembled the Lykoi breed. Some of these mutations were transferred to the gene pool of the Lykoi, and several countries reported similar results. This mutation is genetic, not artificial, and is not found in other breeds.

It is healthy

A wolf cat is a unique breed with some fascinating characteristics. The breed was discovered approximately 20 years ago in Tennessee, and its name referred to a mutation that causes its coat to grow like a wolf’s. Although the mutation is recessive, it does not make the cat susceptible to disease or allergies. Some breeders use a cat from a local shelter paired with a Lykoi cat. These two cats are similar in appearance but differ significantly in their behavior.

Lykoi ‘Wolf’ cats need regular stimulation. They need at least 15 minutes of exercise daily. You can buy toys to keep their coats healthy and prevent them from becoming matted. A Lykoi will enjoy playing with children, so you can also buy toys and let them play with your other pets. Keeping them indoors may mean they have to share a room with other animals.

It is energetic

The wolf cat breed is an energetic and fun-loving pet that loves to play. This kitty has a lot of energy and can quickly get tired. Although they are highly energetic, they are not too obedient. They need to be given plenty of attention and are also very affectionate. Keeping a wolf cat indoors can be challenging, but they are an excellent companion for active families.

It can play with a mouse or a toy. You can also get a Lykoi kitten to introduce a wolf-like cat into your home. These playful cats will make excellent pets and will be great with kids and other pets.


In conclusion, the wolf cat breed is a unique and interesting cat that is perfect for those who are looking for something different. They are beautiful animals with a lot of personalities, and they make great pets. If you are thinking about getting a wolf cat, be sure to do your research so that you know what to expect, and be prepared for a lot of love and companionship.

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